Gearing Up for Concert Season

I don’t know about you, but summer is my favorite time of the year. There are many reasons as to why I’m counting down the days until Summer. Yes, no school, warm weather, and vacations play a big role in my excitement for Summer, but I’m most excited for concert season. Concert season is what makes every single Summer unforgettable. Getting ready for it is one of my favorite parts of the whole process. You never know who is going to come to your home town, and that is half the battle.

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Working Hard for a Job

For this week’s blog, we are going to talk about how to properly fill out a job application, how to properly greet the manager, and how to get to the point of your interview! You may ask, why this is important to you, or I already have a job, why do i need to know about this? Well let me ask you these questions, and if you answer yes or no to any of these questions, then you should take a look at this blog and take it into consideration.

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Your whole life, even without you knowing it, there were constant changes going on. For example, you changed your outfit everyday, you changed the way you parted your hair, you even changed your name to a nickname. All these are small, harmless changes, but when is a change most prominent? I know for a fact in middle school you had your best friends, or “BFFL”, and you were convinced nothing could ever come between you two. That was until that cute boy came along and smiled at you.

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Bad Luck I Guess

Are you kidding me!? It hasn’t even been 3 months and my phone is messed up. Recently, about a month before christmas, I got my 6s plus. I was extremely happy to get a new phone because i was due for an upgrade. My old phone was an HTC, and I hadn’t even had that one for a year and it was either glitching, being slow, or deleting things on its own. I’m starting to think that I must have bad luck with phones. I knew that I wanted a better, newer phone. I was saving up literally all my checks to buy my new phone and surprisingly, a gift came my way. I got a phone call from my dad and he said that he got my sister and I an early Christmas gift and to keep checking for mail. I was just too anxious and I finally asked him what was coming in the mail. When he told me that it was the phone that I was already saving up my own money for, I literally almost cried. Did he read my mind or something? I was even more happy that I had extra money to put towards something else now.

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Lost and Found

As you blog readers may know from reading Karma with Cracks, by me, my iPhone 6 and I were not the best of friends. We had a pretty superior, protracted relationship, and she was treated like a princess, until of course she bailed on me… and finally cracked. The first time she cracked, it was pretty bad, there was glass missing, and glass falling out, and more glass missing. I guess I should’ve took more precaution, because now she’s bailed out for real and won’t even turn on! Continue reading