My First Highlight of 2017

My prom experience was so great and stressful at the same time. Starting off, the morning was already bad, due to the fact that I went to Greenwood Park Mall for my tux (at the last minute.) I should have done that a while ago, but hey I was lazy, had to work, and go to school, so I never had the time. Once I got there, I realized I  forgot my money!  I was very desolate, because I thought I would have to drive all the way home to get it. Fortunately, I walked into the Bank and they told me I could get money out of my bank account without my card. Click here to continue reading…

Just Say No

For this week’s blog, I am going to talk about a very important club that looks good on college resumes, job resumes, and just anything involving a drug test period. The club is Just Say No, and it is a stand against young kids doing drugs. Every year, the club gets recognized and almost all of our members enjoy the club so much! They do a new theme every year; last year was “Travel Around the World” themed, and this year is a “Music”theme.

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Working Hard for a Job

For this week’s blog, we are going to talk about how to properly fill out a job application, how to properly greet the manager, and how to get to the point of your interview! You may ask, why this is important to you, or I already have a job, why do i need to know about this? Well let me ask you these questions, and if you answer yes or no to any of these questions, then you should take a look at this blog and take it into consideration.

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How to Recognize the Signs of Suicide

Think of a time where you felt so lost and felt like the world turned its back against you… hurts, doesn’t it. Whether it’s a friend that betrayed you, death of a love one, new environment, having to leave on your own for the first time, or anything else, life can be very unpredictable and can be super hard at first, and people always tend to give up. Well, I am here to tell you that’s not the case, and you don’t have to give up or feel alone because that can lead to depression and suicide if you don’t get help.

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Stress Does Not Have to Be Stressful

Hello blog readers. It’s been awhile since I have wrote anything due to a few things that have been going on like winter break, family moving, and just a bunch of moving, but the biggest one would have to be the military. I enlisted into the military last year (2016) and let me tell you guys how much of a big change I have endured and will endure more in the summertime. But July 11 to be exact is when I’ll ship out to basic, and that’s going to be a big change away from home for about 2 months. So continuing that theme, this week we are going to talk about change and how to cope with it. Just so you know, everyone has their own way of dealing with stress and being far away from home, and some people are okay with being away from home, but for me that’s not the case. To get things started, put yourself in a stressful environment and imagine having to make a choice that could impact the rest of your life or someone elses; YOU SEE? 10 TIMES MORE STRESSFUL! Don’t worry though; first and foremost, remain calm: that is key right there. Once you lose control and react, you give the other person or the situation control and you have to remember to STAY IN CONTROL! Some others ways that I use that I learned from is:

  1. Move your body frequently and don’t sit for more than an hour,
  2. Make positive face-to-face connection with other people a priority,
  3. When you can’t change the stressor, learn to avoid, alter, adapt, or accept,
  4. Reduce your intake of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine,
  5. Do something you enjoy every day,
  6. Get all the restful sleep that you need to feel your best.

I really hope all of these steps can help you manage stress and unexpected change!

Write Your Own Story!

 My time here at Warren has been everything and a bag of chips including warm feelings, wonderful memories, and of course heart breaks and sad moments but majority of the time it has been everything I thought it would be. First off, it was so challenging with jumping from 800 kids to like 4000 kids so that was a big change, but I quickly was able to accept that and was grateful i was able to be surrounded by a bunch of different races and backgrounds. My favorite high school moment would have to be my first day just. I remember always feeling so overwhelmed with joy for being in high school but I loved it. 

During my times in high school I’ve  joined a lot of clubs and I joined two sports. Wrestling is my passion and so is track. Believe me when I told you I got very active. You should honestly get out there and make your own story come to life. Warren has been a great experience. Yes, I have had my bad days but when you think about everything that you can get and everything Warren and the Walker Career Center has to offer you start to truly fall in love with high school. It’s true what they say there’s no other experience like high school. But think about it like this: it’s only a sample of the real world,  so continue writing your story!