The Best Television Series

With seven total amazing seasons, I’ve only missed the last two episodes of The Walking Dead (TWD). This is my favorite TV show in my life right now. If you don’t know what I am talking about or just not even sure what TWD is, then honestly you are missing out. This American, horror, and drama TV series has me on edge almost every single episode, and that’s hard to say about a TV show that has been ongoing for seven seasons by now. The main thrilling content that the TV show presents are the “walkers”,  “zombies”, or even “biters”. There’s so many names for these dead, humanly, human-eating creatures. Before I started watching the show during fall break of my junior year, even the thought of zombies completely freaked me out. I hate watching scary movies, I hate haunted houses, I hate the dark, and I get very grossed out very easy. That just means if I am able to watch a show like this, then anyone can. My dad was the first person to turn me to the show. He would always talk about it and I would always try to ignore him because I didn’t want to care. I can’t lie though, after I finished the first episode of season one, I was already addicted. All I did for fall break was catch up and watch the first five seasons.

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Bad Luck I Guess

Are you kidding me!? It hasn’t even been 3 months and my phone is messed up. Recently, about a month before christmas, I got my 6s plus. I was extremely happy to get a new phone because i was due for an upgrade. My old phone was an HTC, and I hadn’t even had that one for a year and it was either glitching, being slow, or deleting things on its own. I’m starting to think that I must have bad luck with phones. I knew that I wanted a better, newer phone. I was saving up literally all my checks to buy my new phone and surprisingly, a gift came my way. I got a phone call from my dad and he said that he got my sister and I an early Christmas gift and to keep checking for mail. I was just too anxious and I finally asked him what was coming in the mail. When he told me that it was the phone that I was already saving up my own money for, I literally almost cried. Did he read my mind or something? I was even more happy that I had extra money to put towards something else now.

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Starting My Own Business?

This is the 21st century, and there are many inventions and crazy ideas out there today; so much that it’s getting more difficult to come up with better ideas that will make you stand out. Creating a business involves a lot of planning and thinking since you have to be considerate about who you’re going to draw in. It would be nice if I started my own business someday, but right now it seems closer to impossible.

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Is it too Early Yet?

It’s the time where you spend a lot of time searching for a dress to wear, saving up money, getting all your plans in order, practicing some cool dance moves, and coming up with a great idea to surprise that special someone. But on that one day you spend HOURS doing hair and makeup, HOURS getting mani-pedi’s with your friends, and EVEN MORE HOURS go by as you starve yourself for the entire day. Really guys, some things about prom are overrated in my opinion.

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How are you going to get to tomorrow? How are you going to get through the week? How are you going to make it to the next year? The way I define a goal is stepping on little milestones before you get to the top of the mountain. What motivates you to do things? Who and what pushes you? Are you the type of person who waits for an opportunity or makes an opportunity for yourself? Whoever you are or whatever the answer to those questions may be, goals are how we get things done. Whether you believe it or not, we all have small targets to hit from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to bed that night. We all go to school or work, but what is it that we do before that time to get there?

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Taters Gonna Tate

Although this is something that no one expects to happen to them, this will probably be one of my favorite memories ever from my first job. Now, everyone knows that jobs can teach you responsibility and lessons from other people. I interact with customers’ needs and wants all the time. At work, I like to be nice to everyone because you never know who you’re going to meet and it always shows your character by how you react to a disagreement, an order change, or a rude person. So I always try to put my best smile on so that no one can come back and say I did anything wrong. So I’m a really nice person, but even nice people have haters. We all have haters!

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Lifelong Friend

God has blessed me with a friend for a lifetime. He knew that when I was created that I would need someone who was very much like me in many ways. Many people don’t even know that I have a twin sister named Dejah. Probably because we both can be very quiet at times and this is the only year that I actually get to see her during the school day. If you were to meet my sister, you’d probably say, “You guys don’t look much alike,” or “She’s a little darker than you,” or even “I didn’t know you guys even knew each other.” If I had a dollar for every time someone said that to us, I swear we’d both be millionaires. Dejah and I are twins but we are very different in many ways. She’s more of a tomboy than I am, I look more like my mom, her favorite color is purple while mine is pink, she’s shorter than I am, and we even wear different shoe sizes. But it’s a good thing we’re not completely the same, we’re very unique in our own ways.

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Running Towards The Finish

     I’m running towards the finish line and with so much adrenaline I can only give it my all! For me, reaching the end doesn’t mean that it’s finally over; it means that another goal was accomplished. Since this school year started I had to work towards some sort of finish line every single day and almost every single weekend. Whether it was at cross country or track practice or competing at a meet, I had a goal to finish strong just about everyday. But this isn’t going to be about sports, running, or any of that, even though that sums up a lot of my high school years. I’m actually running (not literally) towards the finish line of high school, and for some people that line is different, but let’s just call this finish line graduation.

     To sum up last semester, it was definitely how everyone said it would be. It was crunch time, days flew by, the week’s felt shorter, and rigorous deadlines seemed like they came the next day. The entire semester feels like a piercing alarm clock giving you a wake-up call. I first felt this way when early application submissions for colleges began to open. Now if you’re an underclassmen reading this, my biggest advice for you is to JUST RELAX. I overwhelmed myself at the beginning of my semester by rushing to try and get college stuff done all at once which happened to be one of the mistakes I made. Quick story, I rushed to get admission essays completed, recommendation letters, my SAT and ACT tests done, and other things you need in the college application process. I just didn’t realize that I had more time than I thought. After applying to my #1 college choice that I was confident I would get into because I had did the early application, I was actually denied. It hurt my soul! I felt like it was the end of the world and that I probably would never get into a decent college. But after talking to counselors and people who had been in the process before I gained the confidence to talk to the university again and find out what I did wrong. The only problem I had was my tests scores being low. So once I took time to slow down, relax, and re-take both tests, I actually improved tremendously, which was a HUGE confidence boost. In the end I was lucky enough to re-apply and I got accepted. Praise God!! A huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

     I learned to set small goals for myself during my high school days. It is the easiest way to get something you really want accomplished. In sports, I started making it a goal to finish a complete workout at practice, then move on to running with someone who was faster than me, then setting time goals that I would run at meets. What I taught myself in sports is what I applied to my academics. So now, it is the final 100 meter stretch of the school year and I have no choice but to give it my all and finish strong! See you all at Graduation.