Lost and Found

As you blog readers may know from reading Karma with Cracks, by me, my iPhone 6 and I were not the best of friends. We had a pretty superior, protracted relationship, and she was treated like a princess, until of course she bailed on me… and finally cracked. The first time she cracked, it was pretty bad, there was glass missing, and glass falling out, and more glass missing. I guess I should’ve took more precaution, because now she’s bailed out for real and won’t even turn on! Click here to continue reading…

A Cruel Surprise!

I was sitting in the car. I’m pretty sure I was just about to leave the house when 100.9 announced you could win tickets to Krewella’s Valentines Bash by texting a weird group of letters to some 5-digit number. I thought, “Why not try,” but I just knew I wouldn’t win. It seems like it’s impossible to win, like just imagine all the other people that texted the same thing you did to that same number, and that number just sends back an automatic message back basically saying you’ve signed up and who knows if you’ll win! I tried to just go for it, but about a week later…. I was out of storage. I needed to free some space! That thread, the weird letters I texted and the automatic message back was not useful, so I deleted it. I knew I wouldn’t win anyway.

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Enjoyment at the Eye Doctor

So the eye doctor doesn’t sound as bad as the real doctor that does physicals, shots, and other serious stuff, but my last eye doctor visit was no fun! Everyone that lives in my house wears glasses except for me! That is one thing I can always throw at my family; “Haha! That’s why I can see better than you.” But not anymore, not for long at least, because I need glasses. Click here to continue reading…

New Years Madness

There was 4 of us in the hotel: my cousin Kel, our friend Lana, my friend Abby and myself. It was New Year’s Eve and there was so much going on outside! But our parents wanted us to stay inside to avoid all of the New Year’s Eve craziness. It was about 11:30pm, only 30 minutes before 2017 and we realized how much fun downtown Indianapolis would be! We sat and thought about how crazy it would be, all the traffic, and how we might not even make it down there by midnight. But, finally we realized downtown would be much more fun in real life instead of watching it on television.

It was about 11:46 and we were still on the highway! There was no way we would be able to park and see the fireworks and car drop! Finally downtown, we had about 5 minutes to get to wherever (I HAD NO IDEA) the car was dropping. I gave up on trying to park, so I just followed all the other cars because I had a good feeling they were going to take us all to the right place. It finally hit 12am, 2017!!! We screamed Happy New Years to each other in the car although we were stuck in traffic. No cars were moving, only a lot of pedestrians running wild outside of all the cars on the street. Right in front of us were fireworks!!!! I knew I was smart for following the big crowd of cars!!! I parked my car right in the middle of the street because I realized traffic wasn’t moving anytime soon. It was so cool! It was one of the best New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had! We all sat in the crowd excited and took videos and pictures of the fireworks and the crazy people running around and dancing outside. Finally, traffic moved closer to the fireworks, but just a little. My friend Lana stood up and outside the sunroof to get a better view. BOOM!!! I thought my life was going to end!!! LIGHTS BEHIND ME! My first thought was that it was the police!!! I WAS GOING  TO HAVE TO PAY A TICKET! We should’ve stayed in!! I kept slowly driving because I didn’t know if they were really coming for me. Lana sat down and I’m just like OMG OMG WHY!!?? Now the police want me!!

Finally I stopped because this police car wouldn’t stop following me. Traffic was stopped again, so the police could get out and come talk to me at anytime. It took him a pretty long time to get out the car. But when this man finally got out, I realized it wasn’t a police car. WHY DID THEY HAVE THOSE FLASHING LIGHTS IN THEIR WINDSHIELD LIKE THAT!? Stepping outside that fake police car was just a man overly excited for the New Years!! He got out and danced with the crowd surrounding all the cars. I then realized we weren’t going anywhere for a long time. The sunroof wasn’t a bad idea, the pictures did look great up there. It was a view of the perfect New Year’s Eve!