Gosh, That was Embarrassing

Life is full of embarrassing moments (trust me, I would know). I know we have all been asked hundreds of times to write an essay on one of our most embarrassing moments we’ve experienced. Most of the time people write down the time they stood in front of the class and choked because they forgot how to say words, spilled juice on themselves at lunch and walked around looking like they peed themselves, or maybe their crush turned them down in front of the whole class.

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Your whole life, even without you knowing it, there were constant changes going on. For example, you changed your outfit everyday, you changed the way you parted your hair, you even changed your name to a nickname. All these are small, harmless changes, but when is a change most prominent? I know for a fact in middle school you had your best friends, or “BFFL”, and you were convinced nothing could ever come between you two. That was until that cute boy came along and smiled at you.

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Silence or Voice?

One question that comes to mind when faced with a situation is what should you do? Should you stay silent and let it go or should you speak up? Since we were little, we have been faced with these decisions, starting from when you saw your sibling do something bad like stealing candy from the top of the fridge that you know is your parents. Of course you kept quiet because your sibling bribed you with a piece of your favorite candy.

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Living with Roommates

The importance of keeping a clean environment is very crucial. Living with roommates can be hard to accomplish this; well, at least living with boys. The world is a crazy, dirty, nasty place, that is what showers are for. All that outside dirt you bring in gets your house dirty not to mention I have three pets that shed like nobody’s business. The real issue is that I live with two boys, excuse me, “grown men”. We all go about our daily lives, which consists of sitting downstairs playing games on the couch, cooking and eating dinner, playing with our animals, and most importantly living. With this comes mess, and a whole lot of it. That is where cleaning comes into play.

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No Beef Here!

The hardest part about becoming a vegetarian is finding food in the lunchroom…and restaurants… and the mall. The easiest place to look is to drive yourself to the grocery store and open the cooler to be amazed by the huge selection of vegetarian food! That was sarcasm… People always ask me, “Why do you want to be a vegetarian?” I look them in their soul and ask if they would be okay if someone took their family pooch, abused it, then fried it with some onions. This is not okay folks! So why is it socially acceptable to eat cows, chickens, frogs, pigs, and lambs?

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Self Depri…I mean “All About Liz”

Depending on who you ask you will get different responses on who Elizabeth Spaulding is (Yes, I tend to talk about myself in third person). If you ask my dad, he will call me “Eliza” and describe me as his little angel who is still 7 years old and painting his nails. If you ask one of my teachers, they’ll say I make them laugh, strongly opinionated, and how I am self depreciating. I believe Oscar Wilde said it best: “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” Now if you want to know anything about me, it’s that I want to be an educator. Gosh, what have I got myself into you you might ask. Education?? No! I know low pay, early mornings, and excuses on top of excuses on what “really” happened to that homework assignment. Since I was about 14, I have been assisting my dad with his faith formation classes, which opened the idea up to me. My old theater teacher Mrs. Carrie Reiberg made the biggest influence on me though; she has a way of making a student feel loved and like an actual person. More about me, I want to teach gender studies at the college level. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to teach adults and not children after working with third graders for a day. Those little devils drove me crazy. I am also a radio DJ for 91.1 WEDM, T.V. anchor for WCTV Live, work two jobs, and a member of the Thespian society. Overall, I am hardworking and as Beyonce once said, “I am a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.”