New Years

My favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We celebrate this holiday on December 31 at midnight and January 1. Family assembles at the big dinner table to watch TV, have a good dinner, and even go to church late that night. For all people who enjoy spiritual rituals on New Years Eve, I recommend going to church as it is very refilling and uplifting. I don’t like to celebrate many special days or holidays, but New Years Eve is special for
me. As I am around many people who are ready to enter into the New Year, I try to be happy all day long.

When I was younger New Years Eve was easily a top 3 holiday for me personally. As I got older I began to not enjoy New Years Eve as much, until I started to drive. Driving on New Years Eve allowed me to be able to go different places with different people, but when I was just in middle school and early years of high school my privileges were limited. Going into the New Year I love to hang with many friends and people who I can “turn up” with. I believe this New Years will be filled with much enjoyment, because of the amount of “turn up” my friends are able to bring.

Turning up is the best part of New Years Eve going into January 1st to me. By turning up, me and my friends are able to joke, laugh, play loud music, games, tell stories, and etc. I believe that the best part of New Years behind church and the turning up with friends is the food!! I love the food that New Years brings to the table. Usually me and my family always order Buffalo Wild Wings with Papa John’s pizza. The combination is so good, and it’s honestly a great stress reliever headed into the New Year. The toughest part about ordering out on New Year’s Eve is usually two things: stores closing down early and everyone always trying to order the same thing as you.

Making a New Year’s resolution is a great way to make a positive change in your life, whether it’s going to the gym, waking up earlier, or saving your money. Despite all of the great New Year resolutions people tend to make, they usually fail. Last year was the first year of me holding a true New Year’s resolution. My goal for the year 2017 was to complete and learn the entire Old Testament of the Holy Bible, and so far my goal has been accomplished. I never figured the goal to be so easy, but it was all due to my great determination. This year I will not hold any resolution, besides finishing The Bible, but I will keep my determination all of 2018.

Heading into 2018, I am excited for my new challenges and obstacles the New Year may bring. I have some big exciting things heading into 2018, and one will be my 18th birthday. This New Year will be my year to thrive and to be honest, I am more than ecstatic to accept and face this new challenge of my life.

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