New year. New Me?

I have always seen or even heard, “new year and new me” which in my opinion I think is plain dumb. All over social media is where I see it, which is where I spend a lot of time. Like, how can you change in a matter of seconds. It’s impossible! You are still thinking the same way, you are still the same person you have always been! Nothing has changed, except the year. In my opinion, I think you should take all the experiences you had in the previous year and put it into the new year. Be more responsible and think of you choices you take. Better yourself for the new year and have fun.
I’ve never actually done the “new year new me,” because I knew I was still the same from the previous year, only thing that changed about me was my age, which was not much. That is what always changed about me every year. I didn’t really grow much from height wise. (Since I am still 4’10.) Passing years and learning through experience is what matured me and made me realize not everything is fun and games. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the past few years, from love to hate, to being independent and responsible.
Some people may be able to achieve the “new year, new me” thing and actually get it done, but they have to be more than focused to accomplish it. You can’t just say that you are going to do it, and not put your head in the game. If you want to achieve it, then get to it, and stick with the, “new year and the new me” aspect. Start fresh and forget about all the problems from the past. Do not let anything get to you, Happy New Year’s!

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