New Years Resolution and Goals

New year Resolution.

This year, I thought my new year resolution would be the same as last years, to work out more. However, this year has not gone the way I planned it to go. So, this year my new years resolution will be… focus more on school and work less.
Let me give you a brief back story.
Last year of my second semester, I had good grades. I didn’t even try that hard, I just turned in my work when it was due. So, I thought that it would be easy to get good grades, I would just have to do what I did last year. I Was Wrong! Currently I have a job, and I love to work. Like love it. So, I started to do less homework and started to pick up more hours at work. Eventually in some classes, one in particular, my work started to pile up. Now, I do not have a good grade in that class, and I have until Friday to figure it out.
So, I have a few goals for next year. My first and top goal is … to do my best in school. My second goal is, to use my time wisely, and the last goal would be to work out more and start living a healthier life. I’ve already told you the backstory of my first goal, so I’ll just get into the second one. My second goal is to use my time wisely. I’m always procrastinating, which is one of the reasons my grades are not so good. So, on top of my goal, I want to do better in school. I’m also going to use my time wisely. Then my third goal, eat healthier and workout. It’s pretty much self explanatory… I need to start putting time into working out and eating better, so I can be my best self.
In 2018 I want to better myself by growing up a little. I have to start taking more responsibility for my actions and start to think about my adult life. I can’t keep doing things because they are trending, or because someone says it’s cool. In two or three years from now what I wear is not going to matter. And, everything I do right now is going to be done towards my adult life. I do not want to say I should have done this, or that. Too many times I look back on life and say I shouldn’t have done that. This time I’m going to say, I’m glad I did this, and I’m glad to do that.
My new year’s resolution is try harder in school. I know I went on and on about other things, but all of it ties into doing better at school. I’m really disappointed in myself because of my grades, it’s my fault my grades are the way they are. So, next year I’m going to do better in school, I will earn all A’s and get a GPA of at least a 3.5. That is my goal, and next year I’m going to try my best to reach it.

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