Finals! The most dreadful time of the semester has finally approached us, finals. I am not ready for finals this year. This year I have the finals, and I’m nervous about every single one… this could either make or break my GPA. I have to have a 3.0 or higher, (that is my self made goal.) I know I’m going to IVY-Tech for my first two years of college, since it’s cheaper. It is still important for me to get a high GPA, so finals week is making me so stressed out! 
Normally, when finals come around, I start to get really worried. I guess that is still true today. I am very worried about finals, especially this year. This year my grades are not that good, and I’m very worried about how my final grades are going to be. Last year I had five A’s and two B’s, so when finals came around it was all good. Now that I have five B’s and two lower grades! I am really stressed out!
Finals is the least exaggerated event at school that there is! No matter what, finals can make or break you. Everyone always says oh it is so bad, and they get really stressed about it, they’re right. It is important, and the better you do, the more your grades go up! I really hate this time of the school year, just because it makes people stress out a lot. I am so scared about finals! I have to at least get a ‘C’ or ‘B-‘ which will be super good for my GPA. Next week, we start our finals in history, and I am not ready at all! Also, I think we are doing an essay final already for a book I read… and I’m not even done with the book!
My study habits are not that good. I used to just go home, sleep a little, wake up, then do my homework and study. That is how I accomplished my good grades last year. Now I go home, take a nap, and then go to work… so, my study habits are off this year. I need to stop going to work all the time and start doing my work!
I’m definitely not ready for the finals. I’m so mad about my current grades, at this point there is nothing I can do to fix it. I’m going to try to fix it, but I feel like everything is just going downhill from here. It’s weird because my freshman year I did not care that much about finals. My sophomore year, I was very into taking the finals because, I actually knew the material. Now… this year, I’m dreading finals, and I wish I would have took the time to do work, instead of focusing all of my time on my actual job.
So my message on finals is… be prepared! Do not leave everything to the end of the semester, take everyday seriously! Finals does make or break you, even if you have great grades. It is still good to have good grades because then you do not have to worry that much but, it still is very important for your grades. To wrap up what I’m trying to say, always do good at the beginning of the semester and throughout the whole semester. Also, do not procrastinate or say you’ll do better next time… make the moves now, it makes finals a lot easier!

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