My First Solo Trip!

I have always been independent since I was a young kid. I’ve always been on my own and just dependent on myself. However, there has always been things I do with my parents. For example, TRAVELING. I have never traveled without my parents and this year will be my first year without them. It has actually been a few years since I last traveled. However, whenever I traveled I always ended up sick and throwing up on the side of the road. I don’t know why it happened I just could not do long distances in a car.

The furthest I have traveled is Virginia and that was the last place I have gone too. I believe it has been about 10 years since I was last there. Now I’m going to Texas and just a reminder that I will be going… WITHOUT MY PARENTS. My friend is going down to Texas this month for Christmas and New Years so she mentioned I should join her and I agreed with her. It took a lot of begging to my parents, but I accomplished my goal, and now we are less then a month away to depart to Texas. I’m a little nervous because I do not want to get sick on the way there.

My parents don’t like the idea of me leaving but my mom knows she can’t keep me in a box at home. She knows I have to go out and have fun. My dad on the other hand hates the idea of me leaving. My father and I have never been close but he always watched me from a distance and knew when something was wrong. When he told me I could go he warned me, “whatever I do in Texas better not effect me when I come back.”  He knows that I can take care of myself and I am responsible.

My friend and I are beyond exciting to go to Texas. It’s just her and I leaving Indiana. I actually never thought I would travel with one of my closest friends, but we are going to have loads of fun and not let anything ruin that fun. WE ARE READY!

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