Ah December, a time where families get together and enjoy the wonderful part of winter. December has only just begun, and I have already downloaded a plethora of Christmas themed songs only to have to delete them, (because my phone is horrible.) It is December, and somehow I am containing this unbelievable amount of anxiety, because with December comes the count to (drum roll please,) FINALS! But that’s not what I’m here to talk about right? I’m supposed to be talking about the wonderful glamour of of winter and that I will.
With the December months, there is usually some kind of countdown ’til Santa comes to town. But personally, I no longer countdown to Christmas! Not because I am too old… but because  I don’t want to grow up! I wanna stay a “Toys R Us” kid. Plus, the thought of Santa makes me uncomfortable. It’s mainly for the fact that I am almost an adult, therefore I have to buy presents. The thought of me having to buy presents… brings the reality to me that I have to buy presents, for all of the close relatives that are younger than me! There is so much pressure that comes with that, but what I do love, yet hate is that there are so many (as I said before,) Christmas songs!
This is the one part of the year that I can sing songs constantly around the school and not get painfully judged! (Not that I care.) Also, it is ugly sweater season! This is also the time I can pull out my ugly sweater game like some people stunt their shoe game. Hashtag, Ugly sweaters for days! And when people ask questions, I have a valid excuse… it’s almost Christmas! Part of me wanted to riddle this blog with Christmas puns, but I know that it would be vixen. But, there is nothing like singing, “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” when it’s actually -5 degrees outside. Now, don’t get me wrong I love Indiana, but it doesn’t seem to know when winter begins or ends. I thought Halloween was freezing, but at least it wasn’t the winter of 2013 when in the middle of trick or treating 5 inches of snow fell all at once!
The point that I am trying to make is that I am not hoping for a “white Christmas” mainly because I cherish and love my appendages. And when Indiana decides to snow she chooses to sprinkle a snowflake here or there, or she decides to let it snow. (And when she snows she snows!) Luckily, that gives me the excuse to stay in doors, eat warm food, and not leave my room until spring. Which I will do! Oh, and the smells! (As weird as this is going to sound,) every memory I have is associated with smell, and the most memorable memory I have is associated with Christmas.
When I was a kid all of my family would be crowd into my grandmothers house, the smell of food would drift around the house the smell of pumpkin pie, ham, and oddly placed chitlins, because of that one uncle who never knew that they smell freaking disgusting! As well other smells, though we no longer do this tradition, December reminds me of a time that weirdly was simpler. I find that there are times that I will walk around school and smell something that reminds me of back then. Which fills me with a since of hope and pride, and it simply makes my December a little better!

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