How Many Days Left?

The countdown starts so soon, Christmas is almost here! I’ve never actually counted down for Christmas, or for anything. It just pops up, and sometimes I don’t even see it coming. For example, Halloween and my birthday I was not counting down, it just came up! My family doesn’t really celebrate the holidays anymore, now the holidays is just like any other day. Nothing is different, nothing changes. When I was younger, we would go out with family, exchange gifts, and even put up a Christmas tree! Now, that doesn’t even happen. Christmas just comes by like any other day.

Nothing reminds me of Christmas better than my little brothers. They make me want to make Christmas excited for them. It’s so cute for them to still believe in Santa Claus is, and to see their faces when they see snow on the ground the next morning! Last years Christmas wasn’t what I expected… there was no snow!!! No excitement for it, nothing! It was like a plain other day. The snow would make things more exciting for me, especially on Christmas. Waking up the next morning and seeing the grass filled up with snow, that was my excitement for Christmas.

A Christmas list hasn’t really came into mind in a long time. Last time I made one was probably second grade, so it has definitely been a while. I never really made one unless it was for school. If to this day I had to make a Christmas list, I would have no idea what to put on that Christmas list. If I did have to put something on a list, then I would put my brothers happiness, for them to have to world, and to never be without a single thing!

This year my family is not preparing for Christmas. There is not a Christmas tree getting put up, or decorating the house. My dad doesn’t really want that, he isn’t the holiday type of person, and he gave up with holidays a long time ago. While my mother on the other hand doesn’t know what to do. My parents don’t shop for Christmas, maybe just maybe they will get the little ones their gifts from Santa, but I think that is about it! Let’s see where Christmas takes us this year.

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