Christmas is Around the Corner!

This year I decided to get my money ready early, because we were going to the Mall of America for Fall Break. (So, this Christmas I will not be getting anything from my parents.) I do not regret my decision, and it does not make me not look forward to Christmas any less. Christmas is still the best time of the year hands down. I was born on Christmas, so I am really excited for it to come this year.

This year, I will be turning 17, and that really gets me excited. We do not do much for my birthday on Christmas though. We celebrate my birthday in February, so I would have a special day to myself. However, my mom is always sure to take pictures of me on Christmas (and everyone who comes over,) and also congratulates me. Surprisingly, my birthday is not the only think I am looking forward to. I also can not wait for the Christmas breakfast we have.
I do not like Thanksgiving much, because of all the food that is made. But, on Christmas it is all acceptable! I love the breakfast my family has for Christmas. My uncle, aunt, cousins, and some nieces and nephews come over and we all feast on the mouth watering breakfast my mom makes. It is much better than the feast that is made on Thanksgiving, much better! I’m also excited for the presents I am giving out this year. I finally have a job, so I can officially buy things for other people. I’m excited to see the look on my older sister, mom, and dad’s faces when they see their gifts. However, I’m not excited for the suprised face I might get over the presents. They probably will not be excited at all, since I asked each one of them what they wanted. I made sure they told me one thing that they really wanted, so I did not have to guess what they wanted. (Plus, it is really hard to try and figure out what people want.) But, that is not the only thing that I am looking forward to this Christmas. I am also looking forward for the year to be almost over.
I’m more excited for Christmas, but I am looking forward for this year to be done with. I am ready for the first part of school to be over. When the first part of the year ends the rest goes by fast! Yeah, I am a little worried about my grades for school this year, but I am ready for that fresh new start. I’m also looking forward to becoming a better me than how I was this year. I just need a new year to get back on track to succeed my goal. I know that might not make sense but, to me it does. I really need this new year to get back on track. The last reason why I am excited for the new year is because I am going to turn 18 in 2018! Then I will finally be able to make some life changing choices!
Christmas is the last stop to wrapping up a year. When Christmas comes you get to be with your family and reflect on the year. When Christmas comes then the next big thing is the new years. So, when Christmas is over you can start thinking about how you want to change for the new year. Christmas is the best time of year, and nothing can top Christmas!

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