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Searching for a college has been such an extensive and hardworking process. The amount of stress it brings is a true barrier, but the end result is definitely worth every bit of it. So far, I have been accepted into 15 different universities. Seven of which, are Historically Black Colleges. Constantly having to fill out college applications can be a hassle; therefore, I’ve found myself using the convenient source of Common App. Common App is a reusable application that makes it easier for one to apply for multiple colleges. What makes Common App so effective for me is the fact that it allows me to spare time on applying to so many different universities. Not just learning about the appreciative features of common app, but learning about other useful tool involved in the college process such as Parchment and test scores. Despite those useful resources, the search still comes with extreme stress.

Parchment has helped me so much; this great tool helps me send out my transcript via online. allows me to be able to not only send my transcript to any university in the world, but it sends the transcripts free of charge. Not having to use the Postal system makes my college application process so much easier. I could only imagine if every time I wanted to send my transcript I had to mail my transcript. Nevertheless, I learned that for an official transcript it must be signed and sent off directly by my high school. It’s so cool to me when I am able to send my transcript to a university within 2 minutes. Anytime I check my phone and a university alerts me that I am missing my transcript I instantly go to Safari,, I sign in, and with the click of very few buttons I send my transcript right from my phone. Another great source that compliments Parchment is being able to sign up for and send my SAT/ACT scores.

Signing up for my SAT and ACT was an extreme challenge, but it was a great blessing to be able to have useful websites to sign up instead. Being able to sign up online makes my life easier because when I retake the SAT or ACT it’s convenient. One of the downsides of filling out test applications is paying fees. Fees can cost from $50 to sometimes $100. Being able to save my progress on the SAT and ACT signup sites are key to me as well. It requires so much information and being able to save my work and come back at a later time or date makes my life a lot simpler.

Despite all of the helpful tools that comes with the college search journey, the stress is very overwhelming. Searching for the best college fit is very stressful, and sometimes I would begin to question myself on if this’ really for me. Through this hard search process I have came to the conclusion that I must choose the University that best fits me personally and makes me happy. I am extremely excited to close the high school chapter of my life and begin my college experience.

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