Holiday Traditions

Holidays, they are the times to get together with your family and find comfort in one another. Times where we come together and tell story meet new born cousins and spontaneously sing songs; a time of profound joy and laughter. Well for my family thanksgiving was the time that we spent with our immediate family, because we are to lazy to make food for the entire family. No, we needed to save that energy for Christmas. Yet, I do recount two Thanksgivings where we all got together and celebrated. The first one, I was too young to quite comprehend what was happening. But, I do remember the smell of food; the taste of my grandmother’s sweet potato pie, that I stole off of my great aunts plate, and the need to find my mom, so then I could stuff my face with her food.
The second, I remember staying up all night to make sure that my great great grandmother’s recipe for pound cake didn’t fall or burn. As well as the five dozen cookies and three other cakes, that we decided to make last minute to make the night before. Yeah… that Thanksgiving was hectic to say the least. But other than that, my family went our separate ways for Thanksgiving, so there are no Thanksgiving traditions that stick. Me personally, I don’t really celebrate holidays anymore. I am mainly there for food, nothing more, nothing less.
Well that is a lie, I usually come to see family but I am mainly there for (drum roll please,) the food. I do kind of have a tradition of sorts; but it pertains to me and less than a handful of cousins. I go to my aunt and uncle’s house. Well, in the recent years I’ve went over their house for about every celebration. I go over there for one simple reason, my aunt makes the best cheesy potatoes! And not to play favorites, but they are my favorite relatives besides my cousins. As well as the fact that the kids usually have full reign over the house, since the adults are too busy throwing down in the kitchen.
My uncle has always been up to date with game stations and video games. So, it’s basically a nerd’s wildest dream in one place. My cousins and I usually sit and play Call of Duty, until I give up on winning… because in the time span between last seeing them I forget that I suck at this game. All the kids then have a heated debate on what to do next. Since I am currently the oldest of our cousins in my generation, who isn’t an adult I usually am given the responsibility of peacekeeping. By this time it is almost time to eat, none of the adults are done cooking or arrived and the kids are running me ragged.
Then the hour of eating arrives the food is hot and ready. All of the adults that were invited have arrived, and of course we are all starving! We line up in the kitchen ready to eat and fill our plates up to the brim with food for the soul and go our separate ways. The adults eat comfortably in the other room leaving us kids to our own devices. And then the food wars begin. I wanted to say the hunger games but.. yeah… no. In the food war, you protect your plate at all cost, otherwise your food is liable to come up missing or worse, (on someone else’s plate.) In that case there is a slim chance of getting it back. Have a merry thanksgiving.

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