A New Thanksgiving

Well I have to say we are now in November and the year is almost over! But before the year is over, we still have Thanksgiving!!! For me, Thanksgiving  used to be a big thing, but that slowly changed. Thanksgiving is definitely not the same anymore, for myself or my family. It used to be about being with the family and enjoying each other’s presence. Somehow over the years it changed, our family got smaller and now we do not celebrate as we once did. Before, we would all gather at someone’s house and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Now that our family has decreased, I’m not very excited for Thanksgiving. Last year for Thanksgiving our family was here, so we all gathered at my house to celebrate it. Our Thanksgivings didn’t really consist of a turkey or a ham. It usually consisted of a Mexican dish. (Which may I say was delicious.) Every year it was different… different house, different food. Last year, I believe we had tamales. Tamales is one of my favorite foods, especially when my mother makes them. This years Thanksgiving will definitely be different. Most of my family is gone, and by gone no I don’t mean they died. I mean that they have left Indiana. Our family is pretty big, and every year we were always together! So, this year will be kind of sad. This year, I’m not exactly sure what is gonna happen. I don’t know if we will celebrate Thanksgiving or not. After Thanksgiving of course there is BLACK FRIDAY! I haven’t been the past few years, but this year it is definitely a go to! Especially since i’m going to Texas this winter break, so I have to buy quite a lot of things. I’m just ready for the holidays, but at the same time I’m dreading them since my family isn’t here anymore. We shall see what Thanksgiving brings me this year.

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