The Best Year Yet

After three very hectic years I’m finally a senior. I must admit I am quite impressed with myself. I actually didn’t think I would make it senior year. Every year has been an obstacle for me, however let me say some were easy… some were very difficult. So far out of my four years of high school, I am enjoying senior year the most. Nevertheless, through these few years, I lost many people. I’m not saying lost as in they passed away… I mean lost because they changed. Fortunately, I have met some very awesome people on the way. High school changes you in many ways, and I believe I’ve changed for the better.

Freshman year of high school was pretty easy for me. Other then the many tardies and all the skippings I participated in, I had pretty good grades. (Well that is in my opinion.) One thing I enjoyed my freshman year was NOTHING. It was a pretty easy year, but nothing really exciting happened. I actually thought high school would be rough my freshman year, but it was the complete opposite. The teachers didn’t really bother me, because I was very quiet. I really didn’t do much, I just minded my business. I really didn’t have drama thank god for that. Now for all you incoming freshman…STAY ON TRACK!

My sophomore year was another pretty easy year. I wasn’t tardy to class, I was always on time, and ready to get it over with. Sophomore year wasn’t exciting either, other than me joining Radio. (Which may I say is I actually enjoy!) But is could sometimes can be a pain in the butt with the amount of work, luckily I managed to get everything done, and moved to advanced my junior year! Sophomore year was also another year with no drama. I can not stand to hear or see drama, so I stay as far away as possible. (Especially in high school, somehow drama is everywhere!)

Now junior year was slightly interesting, I don’t remember much of it. But I can say I was ready to quit. The work was endless everyday! Work, work, and more work! I was so over all the work. Around second semester I got into the bad habit of going to get breakfast first period. I would skip the hour, if not sometimes the whole day. I got back on track, because I know I needed to focus and graduate. I needed to get through it no matter how much I began to hate high school.

Now I’m a senior! The day finally arrived, where I get to say I am a senior! I’m an upperclassmen! I am ready to get the heck out of here! The end of junior year I met some crazy people who I am fond of. They bring out the outgoing me the one who likes to have fun!  Senior year so far has been pretty easy, but it also have its disadvantages with all the work. Graduating is in May or June, and I am ready to walk across that stage. I have all my credits, I have passed my ECA, and other standardized… I am officially  beyond ready! Is this senioritis I feel?

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