My 18th Birthday Bash

Hitting 18 is a big milestone, along with hitting 21. Many say turning 18 means more freedom… well not if you’re Hispanic. I turned 18 on October 26th, and I have to admit it was the best. This year for my 18th, I was surprised in many ways from friends and family. A day before my birthday I was surprised by my best friend at work. I wasn’t expecting to see him until my birthday, since he had work. He decided to be the first one to give me my gifts. He told me to go to the flower section at my job, which is where my surprise was at. I arrived to the destination quickly and I was greeted with a bouquet of royal blue flowers! (Which may I say I fell in love with.) Then, I given a gift bag full of chips, candy, plus LEMONADE!  (My favorite drink EVER!!) And to top the gifts off, was a little teddy bear. I was speechless! No words could be formed, all I knew was that I LOVED IT!

The next day was my official birthday, and  to start out my birthday I woke up the usual time which was 5:45, since it was a Thursday morning. Like always grabbing my phone and checking out social media… which by my surprise was blown up with messages from everyone saying happy birthday in some sort of way. I was on the verge of tears when I seen my three best friends posting all about me. My mom usually works during the night and before she got home she passed by the store to get a cake. I got up, and she came into my room with the cake and a happy birthday song playing. At this moment, I actually did shed a fear tears. Once I got to school my boyfriend greeted me with a big happy birthday and a bag full of candy, chips, and a little plush penguin.

Saturday we planned to have a dinner for my birthday. It was kinda last minute planning, but we got it done! The first person to get there was my boyfriend, since he really wanted meet my parents. I am happy to say… they actually liked him! My family began showing up little by little. Eventually, I received a text to come outside and to have the camera ready to record. I saw my brothers black Dodge with blue lights and a song blaring pulling up. My best friend got out the car with a Victoria Secret bag and handed it to me. She wasn’t done though, she opened the back door of the car and pulled out a bunch of colorful, lit balloons. To finish it up she took out a pinata filled with all kinds of sour candy… SOUR CANDY! 

The next day my friend Bri ended up showing up to my house with more gifts. I wasn’t expecting it at all, my brother came into my room and told me 12 more minutes, I was completely lost. He told me to go outside, and I was surprised with balloons, lemonade, and white chocolate covered strawberries. Which I must say I totally LOVE! My 18th birthday was awesome, and I loved it!!

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