First Quarter

Can you guys believe how fast the school year is going? Pretty soon its going to be time for prom! From my experiences in high school, it seems like first quarter is always the easiest. I am proud of my grades, and am impressed after the first nine weeks. I also appreciate all of the new people I have met this quarter. 

My grades are at their best going into Fall Break. Right now, I have all A’s and B’s, which makes not only me happy, but my mom too! I’m happy because my grades are where I want them to be. This first quarter was a good start for me. Hopefully, the next three quarters will be even better. I am better in classes like English and History. I wish to be better at math, I have a B in there. A “B” isn’t bad, but I know I can do better. I know there is always room for improvement. Besides grades I have gotten used to my classes, and the way the every single teacher works.

My classes are hilarious. I am the chill one in the class. I know my classes shouldn’t be funny, but when you have funny people in your classes, you can’t help it. It’s good being in a class I feel comfortable working in. My old friends can be a little distracting sometimes though. Most of my teachers I am pretty close with, since I had them in previous years. I have only two new teachers this year. I like that I have former teachers, because they know my work ethic, and that’s a plus for me.

I have met new people, plus I am well known around school. Majority of the people in my classes, I already knew. I prefer to stick with my same friend base, but meeting new people doesn’t hurt anything. I like to surround myself with people who are positive and outgoing.  It sucks that I don’t have any classes with my close friends, but I’m sure that worked out for the best.

Overall this first quarter is going good for me.  Second quarter is always rough, but I plan to stay focused! My classes usually switch after second quarter… this year I have the same teachers and same periods, it’s nuts. I was looking forward to having different periods! I guess this could be a good thing! Maybe I will even have more friends in there, who knows? What I do know, is that it is coming fast!

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