Fall Is Here!

         My favorite season has finally arrived! Since I was a child, Autumn has been my favorite time of year. I recall my mom coming into my room as a little kid and switching out my tank tops, short sleeves, and flip flops with turtlenecks, scarves and, timberland boots… preparing me for the fall. This is the season when various colors paints the trees and brightens the atmosphere, even at night time. Fall brings back fun memories that I share with my family. One time my mom had to go away on a trip, leaving my sister, my dad, and I the perfect opportunity to spend quality together. Leaves decided to decorate our front yard and the side of our house, so there was a task that needed to be done. That day, the three of us gathered together and raked leaves until the whole yard was clear. Even though it wasn’t how I expected my day to go, I got to spend quality time with the ones I love the most.

      Another thing I love about fall season is the holidays that come with it. To me, Halloween is the best holiday in the whole world! It’s the only time I get to eat as much candy as I want! On this day I become the munch monster, gobbling everything in sight, and swiping candy from the babies and little ones that roam the streets. Well.. maybe I over exaggerated on that part, but one thing is for sure… the fact that I gobble all candy on sight. It’s not just Halloween that occurs in the fall, Thanksgiving too! Thanksgiving is where you see family members you haven’t seen in forever and catch up on everything while eating a feast. It’s only the beginning of fall, and I’m so excited to engage in all the fun that comes with the season!


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