College Go Week

Seniors, before you know it college will be here. Make sure you’re filling out those applications, before it’s too late! Make sure you apply for more than one college, because worse scenario not every college will accept you! Competition is going to be pretty high, so if you really want to get in a certain university… you should start filling those applications out as soon as possible! After looking over your applications, universities are probably going to be doing first come-first serve, so be quick on the draw! If you guys think you are not prepared, or don’t know where you want to go yet, College Go Week is for people just like you! It is also for people who want more information that will help determine which college is best for them.

 Even though thinking about colleges may be scary, it’s better to think smarter than harder. College Go Week will be very efficient if students decide to really get to it. For instance, the college I am planning on going to is Ball State, but I will be applying to multiple colleges such as IUPUI, Purdue, and a lot more colleges that are known as pretty great schools. Another tip to remember before committing to a college is finding out the costs of the school. You don’t want to apply, and figure out in the end that there is no way you can afford it. Although it may seem like many people take advantage of loans, if you have the option not to do it, avoid them as much as possible! You might get stuck with them in the future, which could be drastic turn in your life. That’s why you must do your absolute best in school, so you can get great scholarships. You might even do so well that they pay for your college entirely! Make sure you guys are visiting they colleges, and checking out everything they have to offer. You don’t want to get stuck at a college that is not in your best interest. (That could be money wise or just in general.) If you go to a college that doesn’t offer what you want to specialize in, then your whole college experience is completely wasted. Today is the last day of College Go Week, so spend tonight applying to every school in your interest FOR FREE! I know I will.

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