Pink’d Out!

                  Pink week has arrived in Warren Central High School! It’s certainly that time of the year where teachers break out their fanciest attire to match the theme of the week. I’m not the one to prance around with school spirit, but I guess I can make an exception for this one time.  I usually don’t get involved I’m very excited, because I get to create new memories with my friends. My friends and I have decided that we’re gonna rock out in all pink on Friday to be in sync with our fellow warrior athletic teams going towards a dub against their rivals.

               The reason for pink week is to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. I know a lot of families who have been affected by Breast Cancer so I am glad to support. In support, Warren Central athletic teams are going all out. The football team is having a pink out pep rally Friday evening leading up to the big game Friday night. I’ll be there gettin’ my groove on with the activities such as face painting and dancing. Also the school is selling T-shirts that reads, “Real Warriors Wear Pink” in the book store. The money that comes from the T-shirts will go to the towards the Susan G. Komen foundation.

           Warren has always been the type to put on a big show. That’s exactly what we’re doing for pink week! We’ve put up banners, decorated the walls and even painted the windows of the school. When we support something we put our all and heart into it. I’m excited for the big showdown happening Friday night. Our football warriors will hopefully take down the Pike devils. Better believe I’ll be in the pit chanting away, all pinked out!


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