The Great Sheriff

This wasn’t my first time being pulled over, but it was the first time I got a ticket! Not only one ticket, but two! After the police pulled away, I sent my mom a picture of the tickets. She decided to call me, instead of texting back. “Who got a ticket,” she sounded serious. “Me,” I wasn’t really serious, I thought it was funny that I got my first ticket.

At home, my mom asked what color the officer had on (blue=police, brown=sheriff.) I GOT STOPPED BY A SHERIFF! To my knowledge, I knew sheriffs were more important than police. I thought there would be no way out of this! “We’re going to have to go to court,” my mom said shaking her head. I shook my head too, the tickets were for speeding and use of telecommunications! There was no way I was going to pay for being on my phone while driving, because I wasn’t!

September 21st came fast, and it was court day. My mom went with me, the courtroom was filled with many different people and stories about traffic stops. I expected to be the only person in the courtroom… that was not the case at all. We sat watching people go up one by one to talk to the judge. The judge was not mean at all! I also looked around the room for the sheriff that pulled me over, but they all looked alike! I wasn’t sure if he was there, I just remembered a bald head older man. The stories continued and lawyers called people’s name every now and then.

Then suddenly I heard my name, from a police. I got up from my mom, and walked over to the officer. “Your officer has failed to show up, so your case has been dismissed,” he said I could leave! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED! I thought even if the cop didn’t show up, that I would have to still talk to the judge! I planned to be honest and take the speeding ticket, and try to drop the use of phone while driving ticket. After all I didn’t have to pay either! I got my first experience in the courtroom, a few funny testimonies, and I saved $206!!!!!! So, I didn’t have to pay my first ticket! I disliked the sheriff a lot! He was not nice at all, but maybe the great sheriff is nice after all, only due to the fact that since he didn’t show up, I was saved!!! 

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