Bittersweet Moment

Do you remember when you were a little kid getting excited for big holidays? I guess you can say the “kid side” will never leave some of us because I still get excited. As old folk say, “Back in the day, I couldn’t wait to show off the best costume on the block.” I remember a time when I was eight years old and my mom brought home a doctor costume. The gloves, scrubs, and the face mask that doctors wear when blood is being splattered in the emergency room were all in my possession. My sister on the other hand got a teenage rock star look for the occasion. I went upstairs to my room and laid my costume out across my bed to be worn throughout the next day. That night I couldn’t find sleep in my room. My body tossed and turned all night long. When I was a kid I did this all the time, usually when it would be the first day back from summer, or a reveal of a new hairdo at school. Regardless of my problem with sleep, the next day I planned to show all the kids I could be a runner up against the the best costumes.The next day I woke up at the normal time to get ready for school. 7:30 A.M. sharp. Chatter on the bus stop consisted of what everyone would wear later on that evening, and where they were going to trick or treat. A girl said, “You have to go to the rich neighborhoods. They give big candy bars and sometimes money.” That was definitely true, but I knew my mom wasn’t going for it. When I arrived at school and walked into my classroom the whole place was decorated with funny looking characters, witches, and skulls… “A Halloween party!,” my teacher announced!  Reese cups, laffy taffys, butterscotch, and skittles filled the candy bags that lined the walls of the classroom. It occurred at the end of the day and there was sweets everywhere! With my belly stuffed and my teeth stacked with a couple of future cavities, I was satisfied, but ready for more!

That evening when I got home from school my sister and I immediately put on our costumes. We both waited until my mom got home to officially go out on an adventure, because we knew she wouldn’t approve of us just wandering any and everywhere but, when she arrived the excitement on our faces read “Let the party begin!” We went all around the block that night collecting candy, and also in other neighborhoods. Whenever I remember times like this, it’s a bittersweet moment. Not only because I’m not a kid anymore, but because I miss the fun of being one. There was no care in the world, and I didn’t have as many responsibilities as I do now. So as I reflect, I cannot bring back the past, but I can always share the future with those I love. Once you grow older you see that positions change. You become the veteran of something, and still get to relive some past experiences with rookies. With that being said I’m thinking about taking my younger cousins out on Halloween, so they can experience the excitement and fun like I did when I was their age!

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