The Solar Eclipse

                I was sitting in the loft with my family the day before the Solar Eclipse happened. Word on the street was that August twenty first was a very special occasion and we all needed to be prepared with NASA certified glasses, that’s if we didn’t want to go blind. My sister and I went back and forth about how big of an impact the Solar Eclipse would have on the next day. She simply didn’t care because she was planning on sleeping through the whole thing but in between our debate I verbally painted a picture of what I thought it would be. In my mind, I visualized the world being dark as night and a glimpse of light would beam the atmosphere because of the sun behind the dark shadow. Regardless of what my sister thought about it, I had to get a view at this iconic moment.

            At school the next day, the topic of everyone’s conversation was of course the Solar Eclipse. Conversations went something like “I hope we don’t die,” and “the world is going to end.” I could understand that this moment was something this century had never seen before but, people were definitely blowing  it out of proportion. I even heard someone say they were going to look at the Eclipse. Nevertheless, the big moment had arrived. While I thought the Eclipse would happen in my sixth period it actually didn’t occur until the middle of my seventh, so almost at the end of the day. I made my way outside with the rest of the class and it wasn’t even close to a night time scenery, it just looked as if it was going to rain.

          The Solar Eclipse actually turned out to be like any other day. It really wasn’t what I expected. The world didn’t turned black like how the media predicted and the clouds actually blocked the big event. The clouds prevented the Solar Eclipse from being seen up until the last moments. The day definitely consisted of commotion, but there really wasn’t anything different. I was bummed but, I’ll just have to hope the next Solar Eclipse in seven years sums up to what I expect it to be.


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