Homecoming 2k17

 Homecoming is one of the biggest events in the Warrior Nation. I have attended every homecoming dance, since my freshman year… and I can say they get better every year! So, of course the Warriors have added more this year. Homecoming is an event where we have a football game Friday, and a dance Saturday. But more than anything, I’m really excited about the food, VIP and the photo-booth.

The last two years I went there was no food, fortunately this year there will be food! I’m looking forward to that, because who does not love to eat? I don’t know what they are serving, but I hope it’s something good like steak and potatoes. (Maybe that is a bit much for a dance.) I hope they have cookies or little cupcakes for us to snack on while we’re there.

The Warriors also have a VIP section this year. This is something that I’m excited about. I do have to pay more to get in the VIP,  but I know it is going to be worth the while. I’m not sure what is all included in the VIP section, but I’m going to buy the ticket and find out. I’ve heard that we have some cool surprises in there!

I usually don’t dress up, so this the time where everyone will get to see me at my best. It will be the first and last time I dress up. My group of friends and I will be look amazing. I’m still debating if I want to wear heels, because I’m short, and I suck at walking in them. This is the only time I might get to be over 5’0, so I’m thinking about it!

The photo booth will be the place to be. That’s going to be the first stop I make after walking in, because of course the beginning of Homecoming is when I’ll look my best. I’m so excited for my the homecoming dance, even though it is my third year in a row!

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