A Visit with the Doctors

It’s been a long time since I had last a shot. Needless to say that when I was informed that I needed a shot, I wasn’t very pleased. I can’t recall the last time I had a shot very clearly, but I know it was very painful. I was never a big fan of shots. I’m pretty sure somewhere in my youth years I have cried after getting shots, probably even before. And I know for sure that I tried to run away from the doctors and avoid them at all costs. But, this is not about those earlier years. This about the moment that happened a couple of months ago. But then again, all of those youthful frights have built up to how I felt at that moment. Then again, I could never be as scared as I was back then, and I wasn’t really scared this time. But all I could remember was that pain, and I was hoped that it didn’t feel nearly as bad.

The scariest part wasn’t even getting the shot. It was actually wondering if I was going to make it own time. It just so happened that the same time of my appointment was the last day to register for school. All I know is that when I arrived for my shot I had 30 minutes to get to the school before I missed registration. I was beyond nervous. Turns out that we missed the opportunity before I even had the shot inside me. I guess we didn’t really consider the fact that getting a shot wasn’t going to be an in and out process. Paperwork took a while to fill out and the doctor took a while to get back with the supplies needed. By the time she came in the room we had already missed my registration. Just in case you guys didn’t know, the “we” was me and my mom. When I saw that we missed the registration date I was devastated. Little did I know that I didn’t really miss signing up for the school like I thought I did, I just had to do it in school hours.

But even after that long rant, that’s probably not what you guys were waiting for. You probably want to here how I agonized in pain and cried night after night after getting my shot. Well to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. I thought it was going to be a pretty good amount of pain, but not too much. The crazy thing is, I actually overestimated how much pain I was going to feel. When I had the shot injected in me I barely felt anything. It felt like getting quickly hit by a rubber-band or getting stung by a bee and having the quickest relief of pain. This one girl who said she got her shot was walking around like she was in so much pain and the slightest touch on her arm bothered her. When I got my shot and figured out that it didn’t hurt that badly, I knew she was just exaggerating, at least that’s what I thought. The next day is when the pain really came. My arm felt like there was huge boulder on it, and I thought it was because I slept on it wrong or something. Then it kicked in, maybe she wasn’t exaggerating. It just took a while for the real pain to kick in. It took about three days for my rock (arm) to heal, and let me tell you, those three days were not fun. It was not enough pain to make you cry, but it was just enough to make you not want to use your arm for a while. I hope you guys enjoyed this unnecessarily long story about how much my arm ended up hurting after thinking it was going to hurt, right before I thought it wasn’t going to hurt that bad. That might be confusing but you’ll understand if you think hard enough. Anyways.. enjoy the rest of your day and make sure you check back in a week for more blogs!

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