My High School Journey

                When I embarked on my journey to high school two years ago it was nothing like I expected! I thought big bullies were going to shove me into my locker and take my lunch money, because that’s what my sister told me. My sister, a junior at the time, told me every non fiction story in the book of high school and, I actually believed her. I guess that’s what I get for being so gullible. High school is nothing like intermediate school. Your mommy doesn’t walk you into school anymore, you’re not the only one with “those” shoes on and your transition into being a young adult is quite fast. You have to learn how to do for yourself. My sister couldn’t show me to all my classes, because she had to find out where her own were. It’s kinda like you’re on your own. 

              I can remember my first day of school like it was yesterday. A little young freshman thrown into a big sea of sharks. In my hand I held my schedule, looking down every once in awhile confused on where to go next. BAM! Someone had pushed their shoulder into mine without even taking notice. People didn’t have the decency to even say excuse me, they just pushed their way through. How rude? I thought. Eventually lunch time came and I scoped around the cafeteria, hoping to see people that went to my previous middle school. I saw no one and decided to sit alone. One thing my sister didn’t lie about was having earphones at all times. I sat alone, but my earphones helped me to not to look so much like a “nerd” who had no friends. Not too long after, the day ended and I was glad that I was able to go home. I somewhat survived my first day of High school… but the next day I would be back at it again.

           Fast forward two years later and I’m a Junior. When I look back on my first day of school I laugh so hard about it but, everyone had to go through being a freshman, even seniors. We’re only in our fourth week of school and I’m already kicking it. Turning in all of my assignments, getting things done ahead of time and getting involved. I can’t say I was too happy to come back to school though. Summer break is when you stay up late, have fun and enjoy time with your friends with no regards of getting up early so who would want that to end? Not me. Anyways, I’m excited for this school year. I’m ready for new beginnings to arise so that I can make the best of my High school years.


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