Job #1, Experience #1

My first job was VERY interesting, and I never thought that I would be working with kids as my first job. Over the summer, I was lucky enough to get a job at a daycare. I thought I would be fine, because who doesn’t love kids? Unfortunately, by the end of summer, that perspective had changed.

By agreeing to this job, I was expected to watch over the kids and help them learn. Since this was my first job, I started as a basic instructor, which didn’t allow me to do much. I was scheduled literally everyday of the week, except the weekends! I enjoyed the job… and of course the pay. Everyday was a good day, ignoring the fact that some parents were not on time to get their kids!

Although babies are adorable, things in the workplace really got interesting when I began working with toddlers. I remember as a kid, being happy to take naps (because when we woke up, IT WAS RECESS TIME!) However, the kids at my job would rather play the entire day! Being around toddlers all day, I realized they like to gossip! With all the kids being under the age of 7, they sure did have A LOT to talk about! The girls were so sassy, and the boys had huge egos! I found it funny when a few kids thought they had the shoes on TO BOSS ME AROUND! It’s like “Don’t listen to Miss Tey” was posted on my forehead when I instructed them to do something. Working at a daycare was really mind-blowing, just from listening to the things kids say and what they do!  

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