A Best Friend

Nowadays, there are many different perspectives on friendship. Some people, like myself, don’t believe in having many friends. The more friends you have the easier it is to be betrayed. Now this might sound a little cliche since I’m somewhat about to argue for the other side, but you will get my point. Having too many friends is not a necessarily a bad or a good thing, but having one friend that will never give up on you. That’s a true friend.

I’d say a true friend and a best friend are one in the same. People tend to overuse the word friend. A friend is not just someone that you say “hi” or “whats up” to when you walk by then in the hallway. A friend is someone that you actually take the time to hangout with outside or school or to do an activity with. Though friends and best friends have many qualities and traits alike, there is a major difference in the friendships.

I’d say I have somewhere from five to ten friends, probably less if I’m going to be honest. On the other hand, I have around 100 associates, haha. There are many people that I talk to or “shake up” with, but that doesn’t necessarily make them my friends. Most of my friends don’t even go to my school. My main friends I like to call my family, because that’s how close we are. But back to the main point, I’m going to tell you the importance of having a best friend.

Everybody has had their low points in life. People go through different things in their own way. But there is nothing more comfortable than having someone by your side when you feel all alone. If you have no family members or friends that understand you, you can really start feeling you’re the only one going through pain and that no one else cares. Best friends can fix that problem. They let you know that you are not alone, and they push you to stay strong. And when they start feeling the same way and you get better you can help them through the same thing. Best friends are always there when you need them. No matter what type of fights you’ve been through, you guys always find a solution to solve the fight. When you get bored or lonely that person can spark a fire in you that gets you energetic or happy again. I think that the best part of having a best friend is knowing that you’re not alone. There’s no worse feeling in the world than thinking that you have to do everything yourself. When you feel like the world is against you, you always know that the one friend is always going to have your back. It doesn’t even have to be a person to be honest, it could be God. It should be something or someone that you have a deep personal connection with and you know that no matter what, you guys are always going to fight through whatever obstacles you face together.

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