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Highlights of My Senior Year

There is always so much talk around this time of school year. About how much time has flown, and honestly it has. But while I captivate over the thought of that, I wanted to try and reminisce over the positive and funny moments from my senior year. I began the semester running cross country. My teammates and I hung out over the summer and did tons of team bonding, which included going to cross country camp. My favorite moment from that was our senior prank. I remembered this particular incident, because it was the most hilarious plan that we came up with all summer.

At camp we had a 10pm curfew and that included turning in our cell phones as well. One night we decided that we were fed up with the curfew, so we planned to hide on the busses until about an hour after curfew. Our plan worked! The outcome though, did not. Memories just keep on flowing through my head! I made even more memories over Christmas break when I went to California to visit my family. It was such a relief to go and enjoy warmer weather, while bringing in the new year and turning up with my cousins. Sadly, I couldn’t stay on vacation for too long, but that highlight will surely be remembered, because I made lasting moments with my aunt and grandmother. After winter break it just seemed like the semester was going in full speed at that moment and so many things were happening. In the midst of everything happening, my friend threw a huge sleepover while her parents weren’t home on a school night. That night was definitely one to remember, because I don’t even know how I was able to stay up until three in the morning, go to school, and still feel energized! My friends and I danced and turned up the entire night and ate soo much junk food!

The second half of the school year is also very exciting because for me it means track season! There is something about the sport that’s very thrilling to see people compete, work hard, and accomplish their individual goals. I will never forget all of the overnight hotel meets we’ve had because it was a chance for us to come closer together as a team, while having fun. My teammates and I loved to be childish at night and knock on doors and sprint down the hall ways. I will also remember the time when my 4×8 relay team placed in indoor state and we got a spot on the podium. It was so relieving to earn that spot, because we had never been on the podium, ever since I came into high school. Now overall my last semester of high school has just been such a roller coaster, but the main thing I’m joyful about is, the fact that I’ve kept straight A’s all throughout the semester. I couldn’t thank God enough for the opportunities he has given me throughout this year and for what he has planned for my future.

Lastly, I’m sure you’ve heard lots of advice and plenty of stories about high school experiences. If you didn’t get much from those stories I hope you listened to the part about “high school is what you make it.” You have such a small time here, and you have to think about what you’re going to do to set yourself up to succeed. It’s bittersweet to leave so soon, but I don’t regret the moments I had in high school and I will always cherish them.

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