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Senior Week!!

Sooooo, there is just 11 days of school left! Senior year is finally coming to an end! But what’s a better way to end it off than with senior week? Monday, is mix and match. Tuesday is when I grow up. Wednesday is senior citizen day. Thursday is k-8. Then finally, Friday is Cap and Gown day. The one day I am looking forward to is senior citizen day.

This day is going to be the funniest! I already have planned out what I’m going to be wearing. I am going to ask my aunt if  I can borrow her wig. Then I am going to find an old outfit or maybe even go to goodwill to find something that looks more old fashioned. I will make sure my knees are ashy, this is going to be so funny! I will have an old mean lady voice all day, and I will see how long I can keep in character. The next day is K-8. I am also looking forward to that day. I plan to wear my hair curly with a headband that has a bow on it. I will probably wear a church dress or a collard shirt. A collard shirt will fit more with that spirit day. Finally, it will be cap and gown next Friday! This is when all the seniors wear their cap and gowns, and we all get to go to the gym to make more senior memories and take pictures to have them posted at Commencement. Then, we will all go outside to the football field, and take our class of 2017 picture all together and form the 17. The 17 represents our graduating class. I am so excited for next week, because everyone gets to have fun together and dress up. The best part is it is just for the seniors!!! The best thing is that after spirit week, I will officially only have 3 days of school left (I think!) Either way, I know I will be close to graduating and that is the best thing to think about. I have been so ready to graduate, for almost 3 months now. I guess my focus will just be senior week now!

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