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Defining Success

We all have our own way of defining success, since we all have different purposes in life. My success is accomplishing anything that I put hard work and commitment into achieving. I strongly believe that if you want something bad enough then you’re automatically going to work at it until you get it, otherwise you did not want it bad enough. For example, one of my goals is to save up enough money so that I can purchase my own Mac-book for college. To get there I know that I am going to have to sacrifice some things, and put away some money from my checks in order to gain the amount I need.

With success also comes accountability, because you are the only one in charge of how you’re going to move on and conquer. Rarely ever in life do we get the chance to blame others for our mistakes, mishaps, and failures, so we can only be responsible for ourselves so that we don’t miss out on the blessings that we don’t see coming. For instance, say if my teacher handed out a new project that had to be completed with a partner and I really wanted to strive for a perfect grade. If I were to sit around and let my partner do all work and I received the poor grade, then I couldn’t blame my partner… because it was my fault for setting my self up to fail.

While trying to reach success, some setbacks and downfalls are bound to happen. For me, there has been plenty of times where I ended up short from missing my goals; those mainly came from life situation or my own mistakes. Another example would be, my dedication to track and field since it is the second most time consuming task in my life right now, next to school. During last track season when I fell short of my goal to compete in the state meet. I knew that I had the talent, fitness, and the mindset to work hard. I fell short of my glory when I continued to feed my body the wrong diet and it was causing me to compete poorly. Even though I am not proud of not reaching my goals, I can appreciate that it gave me the strength to change my ways for the next season. I understand that there are many experiences in life that may set you back, but I love that strong, willed mindset.

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