We all have an obsession and mine happens to be GREY’S ANATOMY. I actually never liked TV shows or series. I always spent my free time on the play station or outside. I actually started watching Teen Wolf then once they took that off Netflix I began watching Grey’s Anatomy. Once I watched Grey’s Anatomy there was no going back. It was like a magnet I was suddenly pulled in and could not get out. Grey’s Anatomy has 12 seasons well 13 if you count this one. I’ve watched all the episodes at least 4-5 times. I can’t really remember but I know it’s been more then 3 times. Usually when I’m done with Grey’s Anatomy I have nothing to do so I start the series over. I’ve tried to watch other TV shows but I would always end up bored, so I went back to Grey’s Anatomy.

If you ever walk inside my room you will either see music playing or Grey’s Anatomy. It will most likely be Grey’s Anatomy. I have even frustrated my mom with Grey’s Anatomy. She always walks in my room and looks at the TV, turns around and leaves. I never thought I would end up liking Grey’s Anatomy, since it is all about medical stuff and I never liked any of that. Somehow that ended up making everything more exciting and I loved it. I have learned a lot of new things because of that show.

I will keep loving Grey’s Anatomy even if it makes me cry and be an emotional wreck. Yes you read that right. The show makes me emotional and crazy. Even though I have watched it many times, I still get emotional and end up like a crying baby that just got their candy taken away. For some reason Grey’s Anatomy hits me hard when someone dies or someone leaves. Many fantastic characters die and it’s heartbreaking. It’s like you’re part of the show and  you feel everything. Your heart breaks when a cast member goes through something life changing. Its like you’re there and all you want do is break down.

I usually watch Grey’s Anatomy before work, after work, and when I go to sleep. I always have a big bag of chips or chocolate with me so I won’t be so lonely watching my show. Right now I have finished Grey’s Anatomy which is season 12. I really want to watch season 13 but its not on Netflix yet. Just know, I will be glued to the TV for at least 48 hours when it comes to Netflix. I’m really excited for this season because I want to find out many things. I was left hanging and that is not cool.

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