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Advice to My Future Self

The saying, “turning over a new leaf” may bring many questions because it can mean a start to an entire different world. For me, the saying sounds so refreshing. To think that I will be leaving home in a couple months for college kind of excites me. I love that I will be in a new setting, meeting new people, and getting to work on myself more. My dad always tells me the future is what you make it. Honestly this is the motto I want to live by while I am pursuing my education.

Staying consistent doing the things that I love the most are one of the pieces of advice that I want to hold onto while I am growing into a better individual. I’ve learned from a few experiences that once you fall off of a certain pattern that you’ve set for yourself it starts to affect other things. For example, I used to set healthy eating goals for myself before the start of the track conditioning season. I was on a pretty good start and I started seeing results with my skin improving and how much more energized and happier I felt. It wasn’t long before I began missing food and I just couldn’t help myself anymore, and then I started going back to my old ways. That affected my other performances in life including how well I practiced, my mood, and my ability to stay awake during school.

Another piece of advice I would like to give myself is to always persevere no matter how bad I want to cry and make a situation worse. I am usually good at getting over my downfalls and being able to pick myself up when things go south, but I feel like there are times where everyone will be tested. When my time comes and I actually fail at something I want to always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to never give up until I reach that light.

Lastly, I just like to say that we’re all human beings and sometimes we will disagree about things. The biggest thing that I think this world needs today is love. Now on my part I want to spread the love and love my enemies and the people who like to spread negativity. It makes me feel like a better person when I am able to ignore the wrong people are doing and not let it get to me. It also helps those people tune into themselves more and realize they’re hurting no one but themselves.

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