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Just Say No

For this week’s blog, I am going to talk about a very important club that looks good on college resumes, job resumes, and just anything involving a drug test period. The club is Just Say No, and it is a stand against young kids doing drugs. Every year, the club gets recognized and almost all of our members enjoy the club so much! They do a new theme every year; last year was “Travel Around the World” themed, and this year is a “Music”theme.

I enjoy this program because it’s a lot of fun, and we do great things for the community as well. It only takes 2 people to change the world , one to think of a idea, and one to listen to the idea. The part of Just Say No is to help promote kids not to abuse painkillers, marijuana , crack/cocaine, heroin and even alcohol. We help raise money for communities and donate money through fundraisers we do to help support our cause. Joining the program is a great investment, and the reason I say investment is because since it is something that looks really good for the rest of your life. The program costs 25 dollars to get in, and you have to sell at least three items off of the fundraiser, but the benefit is the 25 dollar is to go toward getting free stuff like shirts, pencils, head wraps, cups, hoodies, and even sweaters. The club is honestly more than just a club; you spend time with each other and do things you don’t normally do with regular classmates, so it’s a great thing to get involved in, and you’re doing a great deal to the community even if you think that a group of people not doing drugs won’t do much. Trust me, it will.

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