Gosh, That was Embarrassing

Life is full of embarrassing moments (trust me, I would know). I know we have all been asked hundreds of times to write an essay on one of our most embarrassing moments we’ve experienced. Most of the time people write down the time they stood in front of the class and choked because they forgot how to say words, spilled juice on themselves at lunch and walked around looking like they peed themselves, or maybe their crush turned them down in front of the whole class.

I can tell you my most embarrassing moment was in the fourth grade in Mrs. Kaminski’s class. This was when we did research for a week, then made Indiana State decorated cookies. We had to bake the giant cookie, label the counties, state capital, and major rivers. I was in a group with my best friends Kenzie, Shelby, Shane, and Deandre. We had lots of fun messing around, eating little bits as we went along, occasionally shoving each other out of the way to be the one to label the counties. The best part was after our teacher checked the cookie for a grade, we got to split it up and feast. Of course, we all argued over who had the biggest piece, so we had to cut it to precise measurements to be fair. After we all got our separate parts, our teacher poured us all small glasses of milk. Then we started to eat, laughing as we all went along. Now I have to tell you the setup of our grouped desks: Shelby, Kenzie, and Shane were on both sides of me, and Deandre was across from me. I have a habit of dipping and leaving half of my cookie in my milk to wait until the end to eat it. This is where the embarrassing part happens: I was laughing at something Shane said, and made the mistake of taking a gulp of milk while doing it. In the middle of laughter, I spit the milk and cookie crumbles, hitting Deandre straight in his face and covering his hair. There was what felt like 10 minutes of silence with our mouths open trying to comprehend what happened. Then we all started to die laughing, until our teacher rushed over to check out what was going on. She told him to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up while I sat there red faced, wishing I was invisible. When he came back from the bathroom, I ran up to him, hugging him, begging for forgiveness. Deandre, of course, laughed again, and told me it was all okay; he knew I didn’t purposely do it. I still to this day do not dip my cookies in my milk anymore, in fear of another laughing/ spit session. All these little things that happened to us growing up, you know, dropping red paint on your pants or giving your crush a valentine with no reply, it’s no big deal. We can look back and laugh at all of those silly moments, or even write a blog about them.

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