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The Best Television Series

With seven total amazing seasons, I’ve only missed the last two episodes of The Walking Dead (TWD). This is my favorite TV show in my life right now. If you don’t know what I am talking about or just not even sure what TWD is, then honestly you are missing out. This American, horror, and drama TV series has me on edge almost every single episode, and that’s hard to say about a TV show that has been ongoing for seven seasons by now. The main thrilling content that the TV show presents are the “walkers”,  “zombies”, or even “biters”. There’s so many names for these dead, humanly, human-eating creatures. Before I started watching the show during fall break of my junior year, even the thought of zombies completely freaked me out. I hate watching scary movies, I hate haunted houses, I hate the dark, and I get very grossed out very easy. That just means if I am able to watch a show like this, then anyone can. My dad was the first person to turn me to the show. He would always talk about it and I would always try to ignore him because I didn’t want to care. I can’t lie though, after I finished the first episode of season one, I was already addicted. All I did for fall break was catch up and watch the first five seasons.

Rick. Oh my goodness, he is my favorite character above all the others who play on the show. He first appeared on the very first episode when he had a tragic accident that nearly killed him. Ever since the first episode, it has been enjoyable to watch how his character unfolds and you start to get a little impatient waiting for the next episode to air. Rick is a small town sheriff deputy who carries very courageous traits which he doesn’t hide at all. He also has a son who is very similar to him in many ways. There is also no doubt as to why his son is so brave as well. After surviving several accidents, he grew tough skin. A reason that I would argue why TWD is the best show on air right now is the fact that the directors know exactly what they are doing and how to do it. The episode before season six started grew an extreme amount of suspense for not only the viewers, but the cast members as well. Someone in the show was going to die, but it was interesting to find out that not even one single cast member knew who was going to die. This was probably also harder for the cast members to continue to be patient because that meant for someone to lose their job position on the show as well.

Overall. I am glad that I chose to finally sit down to see what TWD was all about and the wonderful content that it brings to television. If I literally had the time, I’d probably go and try out to become an extra on the show or even try to be one of the walkers. If you’re already watching TWD. then you’re just like me, and if not. just join the squad.

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